hi, this is the homepage of Brian G Gilson.

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The main purpose of this space is to get me gigs.

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This is the kind of thing I do:

Audio Graphica - a youtube playlist.

I'm currently exploring a sub-genre of digital art that I'm calling "audio-graphical composition" - time-limited works that use interactive generative graphics to control digital audio synthesis - I'd say it's early days yet so this definition could substantially change or even disappear (maybe this whole thing just isn't as interesting as I think it should be).

One thing I think might be interesting is that this approach opens up the possibility of creating works for interpretive performance - don't know if that should be a big deal though - just something I read about somewhere.

I'm currently using Csound5 and Processing 2.0 to make these but only because Processing is the simplest language I've found that gives me all the graphical things I might want to play with (and has loads of examples of generative graphics on sites and in books around the web), I've been exploring Csound (on and off) since the nineties and there's a great tutorial in the online Csound magazine that shows how to connect the two.

One of the first things I ever typed into a search engine in the nineties was "midi fullscreen performance" - this is where I've ended up following that thread...

Other online stuff:

Selected Edits of a Home Recordist - electronica. Have been playing with synths and stuff for a few years now - until now you actually had to come and visit me in my kitchen to hear any of this stuff. As I'll be 60 soon I'm hoping to get a track uploaded for each year of my life. The only criteria I have for selecting tracks for this is that I can listen to them from beginning to end. You have been warned.

Gilson And Khan - going for walks with Sohail Khan somewhere in Yorkshire and making video about it.

last updated: 21-07-2014

If you've come here for the pickled radish recipe, you'll find that on my 2008-14 index page here.

If you've come here to find out more about Kingston Growing Club or the Hull Boathouse, maybe these links will be of interest:

Brian G Gilson from Matt's Gallery on Vimeo. My contribution to TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell in 2010. Check out the text under the video on Vimeo for more information.

The End of the Hull Boathouse:
2 pdf zines dedicated to the final days of the Hull Boathouse Steering Group.

No Lives Lost - the hull boathouse crew abandon ship. (PDF file).
Spineless - The New Boathouse Fanzine 2. (PDF file).

The Hull Boathouse on Facebook. (Includes recent photos of the burnt-out hulk).

The End of The Boathouse By Elektro Diesel. Photographs by Philip Rhodes.

1/1/11 - a visitor's view of the Hull Boathouse.

Paul Burwell and Jez Riley at the Hull Boathouse.

Paul's kingstonrowing.dabsol page at web.archive.org.

& various videos on youtube relating to Paul Burwell, Kingston Rowing Club & the Hull Boathouse.

Harry Palmer - Eccentric Artist - in 2010.

Other work online & credits that may be of interest to the discerning browser:

Drawn With Processing. Mousing around using the Processing software.

Moddraw. Early experiments in generative graphics using python, pil and omde.

X=X+1 (INCREmental) - film and computer-based video installation by Eike Berg. Lingo scripting by me.